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*Venture Services

ChicagoAnalyticsTM can provide project-by-project support by working either on-site or as an outside contributor. Typically, such projects are longer in duration, and focus on obtaining precise critical information, designing a solution to address a specific problem, or providing actionable recommendations where many options are available.

On-going Monitoring

ChicagoAnalyticsTM has developed an efficient infrastructure to create and deliver targeted, confidential, customized newsletters and e-mail alerts. These will allow our clients to track, analyze and comment on specific subjects, events or developments of particular interest.

Analytical insights in the very early stages of the decision making process greatly improve the chances for success. This is especially true when a significant capital outlay is considered for a risky start-up project.

Our Venture Practice focuses on the following services to reduce risk and improve success:

For private equity partners, corporate venture teams and venture capital firms- ChicagoAnalyticsTM provides business plan pre-screening services. Our staff of experts is uniquely qualified to separate ‘wheat from the chaff” when examining merits of entrepreneurial business plans. When a plan is selected for further consideration we conduct pre-investment due diligence, unbiased and in-depth assessment of the market opportunity, integrity of the proposed business models, advantages of new technology, and valuation at the exit point.

For entrepreneurs-ChicagoAnalyticsTM provides executive support from early discussions, final term sheet negotiations, and completion of the funding process. We will work with principals to develop a believable unique selling proposition supported by a well-honed business plan and an effective executive presentation. Entrepreneurs working with ChicagoAnalyticsTM are also provided access to venture firms and other funding sources.

For funded firms- We provide assistance in reaching operational effectiveness and achieving superior performance in the shortest possible time. We are the “insurance policy” that puts the venture dollars to the best use.

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