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The telecom industry continues its roller-coaster ride propelled simultaneously by regulatory changes and technological innovations. The provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 are being re-written and again are reshaping the competitive landscape of the industry. The lines between domains of wireless carriers, RBOCs, long distance providers, and cable companies are blurring. The ability to bundle wireless, voice, data, and video services is raising the competitive bar and further splintering the industry. The IP based convergent networks promise lower costs, new services and faster new product development cycle. Creation of the 4th utility is on the way. Never before have there been so many opportunities and risks.

ChicagoAnalyticsTM consultants have a strong technical and business practical experience in the telecom industry and have clients in making complex, far reaching product, market and investment strategic decisions such as:

Optimization of service functionality and network configuration
Technology and vendor selection
Business case and ROI model development
Marketing and distribution support
Service bundling options
New product features, functions and positioning
Competitive pricing and cost analysis
Supply chain optimization
Due diligence and funding options

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