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Product Line Diversification
The Problem:

The management of a very profitable subsidiary of one of the USA’s largest media companies needed to diversify its product line in order to continue growth and penetration of the market. Up to that point, the organization had built its on a single software solution, designed to improve the user interface used when entering text information into computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. The management team of this organization felt that the existing business model could be extended so as to include the voice recognition market. In an effort to properly design this addendum to the business plan, their management retained ChicagoAnalysisTM.
The Solution:

ChicagoAnalyticsTM, designed and implemented a custom set of analytical tools that allowed the Product Management team to best plan for entry into this market. We were able to show that a profitable diversification will be possible if certain operational, technical and business processes were put into practice.
The Benefit:

Based on our findings, the management team was able to chart a confident, rational development path for the organization, while preserving its resources and minimizing the risks associated with such strategic decisions.


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