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Analytical Framework for R&D
The Problem:

An industry analyst working for the R&D arm of one of the largest telecommunications corporations needed an analytical model that would enable a quick assessment of the economic values of various wireless technologies. The R&D group was challenged by having to evaluate and classify an extensive number of technical options and permutations each designed to solve specific problems experienced by vertical markets, such as public safety, transportation, remote medicine, and telemetry. Each of these solutions operated at different frequencies and had unique air interface and network requirements.
The Solution:

ChicagoAnalyticsTM created a simple-to-use software model that enabled a quick assessment of what is required to provide an end-to-end solution and evaluation of each alternative based on a number of key variables such as the interworking requirements, performance expectations, target costs, terminal device, application software, etc.
The Benefit:

Our model was fully used to assess, prioritize and develop supporting business cases before multibillion dollar investment proposals were either approved or rejected.

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