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Why Do Strategic Planning?

Organizations of every size and type increasingly have to make such major decisions to reflect the changes taking place all around them. As the world speeds up they have to be made more often – meanwhile, the growing complexity of the modern business landscape makes such decisions even more difficult.

Doing strategic planning is not an easy task. Even executives in very senior positions often have to concentrate on too many short-term emergencies to the exclusion of a long term focus.

The System

Argenti System is designed to show you how to introduce strategic planning into an organization:

What to do step-by-step.
How to do it. Who should do it? When to do it.
Provides a detailed case study for each stage of the process. Spells out what not to do!
Provides a process framework that can be repeated for every future planning cycle.
Defines what your strategic plans should look like and the effect they should have.

You will need no experience in strategic planning because ChicagoAnalytics™ will provide it!

Key Strengths of the Argenti System

It is far more systematic than any of the other known approaches and is designed to bring into strategic discussions everyone who can contribute.

It results in a small but completely practical set of strategies.
Its instructions are clear and simple - it takes you through the process of introducing a formal, disciplined, system of strategic planning step-by-step.
It is primarily conceptual in nature designed to be relevant to senior management.
It is based on nearly four decades of experience in introducing strategic planning into many hundreds of companies and not for profit organizations all over the world.
It shows how to avoid the major planning mistakes that many organizations still make today.
Because of all these special features, it usually has a quite amazing effect on the morale of everyone concerned.

How Does it Work?

The Argenti System is designed to concentrate the Planning Team's thoughts on the truly strategic issues. These are the ones they must get right - all your other decisions, hundreds of them, will follow logically from these strategic ones. The hallmark of effective strategic planning is the small number and the great significance of the decisions it tackles. The most important of all its many special features is the way The Argenti System restricts the strategic review to a few key issues.

The rule is no more than six.

The Argenti System sees the strategic planning exercise as an elephant hunt - the Chief Executive and his team join together as a hunting party to search through their company and its environment for those issues that are of elephantine long term significance.

Because the Argenti System teaches to ignore anything that is not of this huge gravity, the exercise never becomes bogged down in detail as so many 'advanced' systems of planning do. The system is designed to identify only the top six strategic issues - the 'strategic elephants' - and invites the planning team to determine a small set of highly effective strategies to deal with these six key issues.

Why only six?

We have never seen an organization - even those in very serious difficulties - with more.

After you purchase The Argenti System, it can be downloaded to your computer. Subsequently, it can be printed as a paper copy. The system consists of four parts:

The System: is a step-by-step methodology that takes the planning team through the strategic planning process.
The Planning Assistant's Guide: it shows the designated Planning Assistant or Facilitator how to guide the planning team through the entire process.
The Knowledge: it is an extensive source of reference material configured to provide additional explanations of key concepts, and strengthen the conceptual foundation and understanding of Argenti methodology.
Support: on-line and phone support will be provided at no additional charge.

For information on purchasing The Argenti System click here. To find out more about the Argenti System please download the product brochure.
History of Argenti System of Strategic Planning
Up to the early 1980’s Corporate Planning or Long Range Planning was a task only undertaken by large companies that employed specialists (economists, statisticians, analysts.). Often tucked away somewhere on the executive floor they worked in secret hatching ‘their plans’ which were passed on to the Board of Directors. The ‘planners’ were generally regarded with some skepticism and disdain by the operational management team because they were considered to be out of touch with the real world, yet had the power and influence to make significant changes to the organization.

Smaller companies did not ‘do’ Corporate Planning in a structured way, but typically a General Manager did carry out some of the tasks performed by the full time ‘Planner.” Over time Corporate Planning and Long Range Planning became known as Strategic Planning and once again the myth was perpetuated that it was only of interest to the large national or multi national business.

The history of The Argenti System of Strategic Planning is essentially the story of John Argenti’s later working life.

Some years before any book on the subject was published, he prepared his first strategic plan. That was in 1963. The lessons he has learned then – some very painful – led him to write a book, ‘Corporate Planning: A Practical Guide’, published in 1968. Calls for his advice came in from companies all over the world. He set up on his own as a consultant.

Following experiences in several dozen companies of every size and type he published another book. More clients. Then more books (eventually 7 of them), articles, lectures all over the world. By 1980 he became sufficiently confident in the universal validity of his method of introducing strategic planning into organizations that he wrote a set of manuals called The Argenti System of Corporate Planning and formed a company (Argenti Systems, Ltd.) to handle the sales. Over a period of twenty years almost two thousand sets of the manuals were sold worldwide. The target audience was organizations that did not have a formal system in place or their existing system failed to deliver.

In 2000, John launched The Argenti System of Strategic Planning a new, completely re-written, on-line version of these manuals. He also formed a new company Argenti Associates Ltd, a strategic planning consultancy, which is responsible for marketing the product through independent professional service organizations such as ChicagoAnalytics™.

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