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*Argenti Strategic Planning Facilitation
Strategic planning is a major undertaking that can only be conducted at the highest management levels. It is intended to anticipate and bring about massive changes to an organization. Some of these changes will be welcomed but others will be unpopular and painful. Therefore, this is not an exercise to be undertaken lightly and without careful thought and preparation. An outside professional often can contribute additional value, because he or she brings a wider perspective and greater independence of thought. Such facilitator can also serve as the "guardian" of the process, thereby freeing the internal staff member to contribute as a functional subject matter expert.

In today's demanding business climate do all organizations need to understand their strategic challenges? Try our 'Are You Ready' test to see where you stand.

ChicagoAnalyticsTM provides facilitation services and will assist the CEO to launch the strategic planning project and guide your team through the process and:

Advise the CEO in the selection and organization of the project team
Brief the team in the Argenti Planning System methodology
Advise on project communications
Organize workshops and meetings
Summarize actions and encourage people to achieve milestones and deadlines

Our Facilitators have years of experience in guiding organizations through the planning process and achieving ful outcomes.

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