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mystrategy® - strategy mapping and modeling software for managers. It is simple to learn and use, enabling improved visibility and decision making across all levels of management. If you do business planning on spreadsheets then you will find mystrategy® adds a new dimension to your thinking.

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By using a combination of industry statistics, historical and forecast sales data and qualitative research information, users are able to build a range of strategic "what-if" models and concepts. MATRIX V 4 will help you achieve a clearer understanding of the marketing environment, a more balanced product / market portfolio and lower risk of business decisions. It is very fast and very easy to use.

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Market Mapping Software
Market Mapping Software V1 enables you, at the click of a button, put structure to your market. Simple spreadsheet like data editors quickly build the 'bigger picture' of what is going on within the market, where corrective action needs to be taken, or where new, potentially lucrative opportunities may exist. The application is graphically driven, simple to use and handles all underlying calculations automatically.

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A unique software application that will enable you to develop highly structured marketing and channel operational plans that are logical, powerful and informative. The result is a better understanding of the critical mass required to bring a venture to market, a clearer insight into which aspects of the business are profitable, and how to the best use your marketing dollars for the highest possible ROI.

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DecisionPro software is designed to help make better business decisions by applying proven management techniques such as decision tree analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, forecasting, optimization of financial analysis, M&A/due diligence assignments, and "what-if" considerations amongst others.

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Argenti System of Strategic Planning
The Argenti System of Strategic Planning is-a systematic, disciplined way for identifying strategic issues and making appropriate, impactful, and timely strategic decisions. The Argenti System is designed to concentrate the thoughts on the truly strategic issues. These are the ones they must get right - all your other decisions, hundreds of them, will follow logically from these strategic ones.

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