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*Due Diligence and Opportunity Validation
Whether it’s a privately-held start-up or Fortune 500 corporation, one of the main goals of every organization is to create value for its shareholders. This can be accomplished in many different ways and along different points of the life cycle - as long as you focusing on the right value driver at the right time. For example, focus can be placed at gaining market share, improving customer service, running more efficient operations, or discovering and sizing new product, business, or market opportunities. All of these require time, know-how, and financial investment.

Prudent organizations know how to perform due diligence before any capital is put at risk. They know that the flip site of value creation is value destruction. The opportunity valuation exercise is sound insurance against any potential downside effects. However, in many instances, there may not be sufficient resources within the organization to do due diligence or opportunity valuation in a timely manner.

VC firms and corporations often request our assistance in evaluating new product concepts, providing competitive intelligence, valuating new technology, and other tasks of due diligence for target company acquisition assessment and of potential distribution partners.

In the specific case of start-ups, we provide assistance in completing the next round of financing and preparation of a believable and well structured business plan that can be presented professionally. ChicagoAnalyticsTM also offers business development assistance, validation of client’s product or service, help in finding alpha/beta test clients and in finding that first commercial client.

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