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*Consumer Products
The consumer product industry continues to operate under an extraordinary cost pressures. The need for market growth is pushing companies to continually improve efficiencies of operations, develop new products, grow revenue, and expand through acquisitions.
In its practice, ChicagoAnalyticsTM utilizes best in class principles of the “Competing for Choice” approach for developing superior brand architecture and product positioning. Each step of this path is guided by the strict ROI requirements. It includes inputs from competitive intelligence and market research to build a strong foundation for a fact based, measurable decision making process. The resulting output is a clearly defined roadmap of how to move potential customers from being unaware about your product or service to becoming outstanding ambassadors on your behalf.

ChicagoAnalyticsTM consultants have well-honed practical experience in guiding companies in the art and science of the “Competing for Choice” approach.

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