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*Business Process Modeling and Simulation
ChicagoAnalytics™ assists organizations in uncovering hidden revenue and profit opportunities through an effective use of cutting-edge, dynamic business models that go beyond two-dimensional spreadsheet analyses. In fact, we apply the third analytical dimension of time to show how the internal resource levels need to change to match up with the external threats and opportunities.
At the heart of what we do is the Strategy Dynamics approach, advanced by London Business School and MIT. Strategy Dynamics is a quantitative method for representing how different, but interrelated elements and functions fit together and affect each other as their levels change overtime.

These resources have unique and important characteristics - they accumulate and deplete over time. Hence, the key to superior performance over time is to continuously maintain the right level of right resources at the right time.

By understanding the process, we draw closer to controlling it, rather than being controlled by it” - Dr. Kim Warren, London Business School.

Strategy Dynamics is an exceptionally powerful way of thinking about business problems. It is proven to yield numerous practical benefits:

Test risk free alternative strategies and tactics
Discover and eliminate operational inefficiencies
Streamline your business processes
Create high performance teams
Align individual objectives with business goals
Fine tune your value proposition
Enhance your product and service development
Shorten time to market

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